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Ed Harper
Ed Harper


As a consultant and creative designer, I utilize more than 30 years of experience in working with Fortune 50 class organizations to create effective results. I can personally point to outstanding results in sales programs, sales training engagements, sales management, sales consulting services, and strategic planning. In addition, I’ve had the benefit of practicing these skills in international consulting and training engagements throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, Brazil and, of course, North America.

As Chief Development Officer within Growth Development Associates, Inc., (GDA) I oversee the design, development, customization, and (at times) the delivery of instructor-led training events. I coordinate the design and facilitation of self-paced on-line courses and webinars, and I’m currently managing the language conversion of our online training programs, the indoctrination of new GDA resellers, and the development of GDA’s 30-day Immersion program for 2014... Tapestry.

I am one of three co-founders of GDA still active within the company. Clients choose to engage GDA services so that they might:
1. Improve sales and coaching skills for corporate sales and service organizations;
2. Change corporate behaviors to reflect those of a sales focused culture;
3. Apply proven strategic and tactical planning services to achieve record-level growth; and
4. Establish the infrastructure needed to preserve and build upon these changes.

To learn more about GDA, go to and follow us at GDA On-Line @salesimmersion.

An Objection by Any Other Name

An Objection by Any Other Name

From the perspective of a long-time salesman, sales manager, and sales trainer, we have long taken certain liberties with the term “objection” in our desire to describe this aspect of customer interplay.  Typically, anything but an immediate positive response is labeled an objection. This is only a real problem if we consider objections as negative responses.  They are not. 

Objections posed before the customer has even heard what you have to say, suggests that you haven’t given him a strong enough reason to meet with you.  Objections posed subsequent to hearing your recommendation means that the customer is considering it.  He or she is trying it on for size.  Objections are often the first indication of genuine interest in what you are offering. 

An objection could suggest that they believe the timing is wrong, or they could fear taking on something new.   It could be that they honestly have concerns about their ability to be successful.  Likewise the objection could be based upon the fact that you are as yet new and untested, and a great deal more consideration is required.  They could also believe they understand something that they don’t truly understand.  In all of these instances, the customer has not said no.  They are asking for help.   

Perhaps instead of “objections” we would be better served by calling them “requirements” or “appeals” … or perhaps yet another level of “needs.”  Anything that would trigger the need to better understand what these customers are striving to accomplish.  

The key is to not jump to conclusions.  Sometimes we get so accustomed to hearing the same terms used in the objection that we automatically assume that they all mean the same thing.  Like an objection about the price of your product.  Price, price, price. To assume that five customers saying the price is too high, all mean exactly the same thing, would be a mistake.   

  • Customer #1 might mean he doesn’t believe the price is worth the value.  
  • Customer #2 might mean that the price is higher than your competitors.   
  • Customer #3 might mean that the price is more than he can afford right now.   
  • Customer #4 might mean that the remaining budget is insufficient to accommodate this price.   
  • Customer #5 is convinced that every price can be negotiated down, so price is always an initial problem.  

This applies to every objection.  You simply don’t know the underlying circumstances of the objection, until you take the time to listen carefully and ask questions.   How well you accomplish this will determine whether you can resolve this objection or not.

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